Library & Archives

The Library & Archives are the research divisions of The Newark Museum of Art. More than 60,000 volumes in the fine arts, decorative arts, and natural sciences are housed in the Library, while the Archives section comprises institutional historical records dating from the Museum’s founding in 1909 to the present.

The primary purpose of the Library & Archives is to serve the research needs of the staff— curators, educators, registrars, exhibition designers, and administrators—as well as the general public—academic and independent scholars, museum professionals, teachers and students, members and volunteers, and life-long learners.

The materials in the Library and Archives do not circulate; consequently, all materials must be used in the Reading Room.

The Library’s on-line public access catalog is available through the Newark Public Library’s union catalog.

Reading Room Access

The Library and Archives are open by appointment only, on Thursdays between 9-5pm.

Visitors range from independent scholars, museum professionals, professors and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as members of the general public.

For further information, please contact: