Presented by the Newark Latino Film Festival, in partnership with The Newark Museum of Art.

Join us this Cinco de Mayo for stories about Latinx communities, with short narratives, documentary films, and a special deer dance by Tonantzin Coatlicue Dance Group, a traditional performance of the native peoples of northern Mexico. Following the screenings will be a dynamic panel discussion with filmmakers and activists.

Short Films:

  • Made in America, Directed by Edgar Aquino Huerta (11 mins)
  • Identidad, Directed by Dio Cholula (11 mins)
  • Ulises-Ulysses, Directed by Jorge Malpica (8 mins)
  • Time, Directed by Diego Mendez (4 mins)


  • Edgar Aquino Huerta, Director, Actor
  • Victor Manuel Frias, Actor, Director
  • Dio Cholula, Director, Videographer, Photographer
  • Chávez Rafael, Activist, Organizer at New Labor
  • Teresa Vivar, Activist
  • Diego Mendez, Director
  • Jorge Malpica, Director
  • Moderated by Edith Crescenciana, Film Producer

Location: Billy Johnson Auditorium

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