Newark Art Festival Performance

RED is an original musical written by Lawrence Dandridge, Co-Founder and Creative Artistic Director of Aurway. The musical follows a group of teenagers who, brought together by a web of life-altering circumstances, try to stop their neighborhood community center from being closed by the new Mayor. With characters inspired by Brothers Grimm tales, RED takes us on a journey of friendship, bravery, and just how many colors life can bring us.

Similar to their Brothers Grimm parallel, the characters in the show face many obstacles and trauma that take them on a journey of introspection and truth. Through family, friends, and community, they are able to find resolution and grow in the process. The story reminds us of the power we hold within ourselves to change our circumstances and create our own stories. The Red Experience is an interactive walkthrough, featuring different environments or scenes from RED. Through narration, song, and dance, our audience members will be led through the story, gaining a full sense of each character’s healing journey, from storm to rainbow.

This event is a partnership between The Newark Museum of Art and Newark Arts Festival.

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