Animal Kingdom celebrates the astounding variety of life on Earth through a series of immersive and interactive experiences featuring art, animal specimen, and hands-on fun for all ages.

Draw your own creatures to join the underwater habitat where animals come to life and swim around you in a digital aquarium. Sketch Aquarium: Connected World is designed by international art collective teamLab.

In our Animal Match game, step foot inside a cave full of ancient rock drawings and learn about the animals that inspired their creation. Can you match them all?

Travel through wetlands, forests, and coastal areas where animals from Audubon’s Birds of America come to life in Lost World: The Audubon Immersive Experience. 

Discover how life adapts to our ever-changing planet, and how humans affect the animal world, for better or for worse. Make a promise to help save various species worldwide by participating in a fun, hands-on activity.