Skywriters & Constellations is a new exhibition featuring a short film and prints from Kambui Olujimi’s Wayward North project (2010-present). A short (15 minute) art film commissioned specifically for the Museum’s Dreyfuss Planetarium, Skywriters captures Olujimi’s original narrative in a collage of time and space, projected onto the night sky of the planetarium’s dome. Constellations, a related series of 12 lithographic prints by Olujimi, introduces many of the mythical creatures, magical realism, and key characters of Olujimi’s contemporary heroic tale.

A Brooklyn-based multimedia artist, Olujimi is an Artist in Residence at the Gateway Project, Newark, NJ.

SKYWRITERS will be screened in the Dreyfuss Planetarium at 2:30 pm. Admission for this art film will be free with Museum admission. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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