Showcasing the Museum’s renowned collection of modern and contemporary American art, these galleries are intentionally curated to reflect multiple narratives and a diversity of American experiences.

Seeing America encourages an expanded view of American art that looks beyond geographical boundaries and conventional approaches to American art. Ten thematic galleries place Latin American, Latinx, Asian American, African American, and Indigenous art within the context of major schools and movements of the 20th and 21st century.

With bilingual interpretation in Spanish and English, and interdisciplinary labels highlighting voices from the extended Newark community, Seeing America creates space for new ways of understanding American art and identity.


  • Into the Modern Era
  • Traversing America
  • Indigenous Modern
  • Stieglitz, O’Keeffe, and the 291 Circle
  • The Harlem Renaissance/ The City in the Machine Age
  • Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism
  • Latin American Abstraction
  • Civil Rights and the Art of Identity
  • Expanding Color Field
  • Expanding Pop
  • The Spanish Caribbean Body