While we continue to work together to keep employees, visitors, volunteers and donors safe and still engaged, we also know we have a responsibility to our global community. The vast museum field across the country and around the world is facing the same crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic as we are and some to an even greater extent.

At the senior management level we are working hard to find multiple solutions to our challenges. We believe you would want to join us if we let you know how.

The Newark Museum of Art and various cultural organizations nationwide have been urgently reaching out to our local, state and federal leaders, in partnership with the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Art Museum Directors to advocate for a fair share of the Federal stimulus package. As a group passionate about the power of the arts and humanities, you all know museums are community anchors that can only thrive if the public can enter their buildings.

Our outreach to congress is persuasive. Museums are economic engines. Economic impact data compiled by the American Alliance of Museums and Oxford Economics shows that the museum economy contributes $50 billion a year to the U.S. economy and generates $12 billion in tax revenue to local, state and federal governments. Museums are vital local sources of employment, supporting 726,000 jobs annually. Museums play an essential role in the nation’s educational infrastructure, spending more than $2 billion a year on education.

Here is how you can help. Go to the American Association of Museums and Send a Letter to your representative in Congress. We hope you will be proud to be part of this important effort. We are asking our board of trustees, staff and donors to do the same.

Please take action with us today.

With gratitude for your membership and support,

Linda C. Harrison
Director and CEO
The Newark Museum of Art