And what better occasion could be there to say thank you to those individuals who give their time so graciously to our institution, and who play an integral role in bringing our vision to the local community and the world.

To honor the occasion, The Newark Museum of Art wants to recognize our remarkable volunteers by giving them the “keys to the museum.” For the entire month of April, our talented and devoted docents and volunteers will have the opportunity to bring as many guests as they please during each visit they make to the Museum to view our latest exhibitions.

2021 Staff & Volunteer Breakfast 

2021 Staff & Volunteer Breakfast 

The knowledge and experience of our vital volunteer team is unparalleled. As we reconnect after the last two years of temporary closures, virtual gatherings, and hardship, their resilient efforts as ambassadors for art and culture have been and continue to be heroic and instrumental to the operation of the Museum.

Anyone who has stepped foot in the Museum knows the talent and hard work of our staff. What you may not realize is that some of those team members you see everyday have actually voluntarily contributed their time and care to assisting our departments—including Special Events, Membership, Visitor Support, The Shop, Registrar, and more.

Our volunteers represent both who we are as a Museum and a community. They serve, support, and shape the personality of the Museum and help guide our goals.

We recognize that our institution would not be the same if it were not for their dedication to the growth and prosperity of our Museum. As they continue to carry the spirit of our community and motivate us every day, it is our hope that this month we may return the support.

If you’d like to join our team here at The Newark Museum of Art, you can become a volunteer today. We’d love to have you aboard.

With gratitude,

Linda C. Harrison
Director and CEO
The Newark Museum of Art