Have you ever wondered what a work of art is trying to say?

In this new take on member experiences, you will be guided in artful conversation by one of our expert docents to uncover what lies beneath the surface of some of The Newark Museum of Art’s most beloved artworks.

What does it mean to be an American and what/who does American art represent? In this member experience you will be immersed in an expanded view of American identity and more honest and inclusive narratives. The reinstallation of these galleries presents contemporary art installed alongside historical painting, sculpture, and material culture.

During this session you will engage in thoughtful dialogue, guided by two of our docents, Ellen Greenfield and Betty Brown. They will use their extensive knowledge of the portraits, landscapes, and images of daily life to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the under-told stories of American history. They look forward to your presence on this journey of discovery…to listen to other voices now being heard.

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This event is exclusively for members.

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