A global gospel music extravaganza.

“. . . and We’re Movin, Gospel Beyond Borders,” presented by PMG & Co., Samar Newsome, Anthony Ponder, Dr. Dexter Allgood, Loren Rawls A. Samer Biggham, Sharlene Nelson, Pierre Cook, Don Corey Washington, Tre Moore, Warleen Allston and Monday Night At Church.

This presentation will examine the rich history of gospel music and how it has evolved into many different styles and cultures worldwide. From 1920 – 2020, we will review and capture 100 years of significant contributions moving us through the gates of Classical music, Hymns, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, and even Heavy Metal. Join us and celebrate our culture with us.

Musical directors Carlton Pope and James Perry.

If cash is your preferred payment method, please pay at the door or reach out to Ms. Ruby Annette Evans at ruby@newarkarts.org.

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This is a partnership between The Newark Museum of Art and Newark Arts Festival.