Enjoy a day of fun science activities for the whole family at The Newark Museum of Art.

Timeline of Activities 

10am-5pm | MakerSPACE

Appropriate for kids of all ages.
A fun interactive area where kids play, tinker, and create (self-facilitated).

12pm & 2pm | Planetarium Show: The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather 

Appropriate for ages 5-12. 
The heroes of the Zula Patrol are on a mission to collect samples of weather for scientist Multo’s research. Along the way, the team learns all about weather on Zula and on other planets.

12-12:45pm | Creative Play: World of Colors

Appropriate for ages 3-5.
Let’s explore the primary and secondary colors within the museum’s collection!

1pm & 3pm | Planetarium Show: Stars of Pharaohs

Appropriate for ages 12+.
Travel through ancient temples and tombs to discover the skies of Egypt long past and the connection the ancient Egyptians felt with the stars. Enjoy some of the most spectacular sites of the ancient world.

1-4pm | Science Drop-In: 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Appropriate for ages 5+.
Make simple rockets out of paper and launch them by blowing into a straw. Explore design and engineering to see whose rocket will fly the farthest.

1-4pm | Family Drop-In: Collage and Assemblage

Appropriate for ages 5+.
Exploring a variety of materials by collaging!


Don’t leave the Museum without seeing our new family-friendly exhibition Animal Kingdom!