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Group Visit

Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more people. Reservations guarantee a dedicated arrival time and expedited entry for your group. Groups of 20 or more people may be asked to stagger their entry times.

How to Book

Book now to reserve a spot.

To book a group visit or for specific inquiries, please email groupsales@newarkmuseumart.org or call 973-715-4025 or 973-596-6690.

For school groups or virtual tours please visit our Learn page.

Group Fees & Cancellation Policy

Only credit card payments in advance can be accepted at this time. All fees are non-refundable. We are happy to reschedule your visit, pending availability, should your group’s plans change.

Groups are charged per person, based on the categories listed below:

  • FREE – Members, Newark Students and Residents
  • $8 – Visitors with Disability, Seniors, Students, and Children age 3+
  • $10 – Adults

Private Guided Tour or Planetarium Show Add‑On

Consider adding a private guided tour or planetarium show to your group visit.

Tours and planetarium shows are led by specially trained guides. They are available in English, though you may inquire about reserving a bilingual guide or an ASL interpreter. The theme of the show and tour can be chosen from the options below.

Custom tours can be created with prior notice and preparation. Tours last 45 minutes. The duration of Planetarium shows varies.

Please email groupsales@newarkmuseumart.org to learn more or book a private tour for your group.

Tour Fees & Cancellation Policy

An additional $5 per person will be charged for a private guided tour or planetarium show plus an additional one-time $30 processing fee.

Tours are limited to up to 20 people per group, planetarium shows to 25. Groups larger than 20-25 people will be asked to book multiple tours or shows. No exceptions.

Only credit card payments in advance can be accepted at this time. All fees are non-refundable. We are happy to reschedule your visit, pending availability, should your group’s plans change.

Tour Themes

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On this conversational tour, explore African American artists’ outstanding contributions toward artistic, political, and social change across different centuries. 

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Take an in-depth look into this all-new installation of The Newark Museum of Art’s renowned African art collection, including powerful historical objects as well as compelling recent artworks. 

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Compare and contrast traditional arts of Japan, China, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Tibet. See how religious and secular traditions have intertwined and how contemporary artists are responding to ancient aesthetics and pushing art in new directions.

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Discover the role of glass art, sculpture, funerary art, and ceramics in homes and temples across the greater Mediterranean over thousands of years.

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Get to know The Newark Museum of Art on a “sampler” tour featuring museum highlights from its wide-ranging collections, explore the historic Ballantine House and the consecrated Tibetan altar.

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Travel through American art, discussing selected highlights from more than 300 remarkable works of painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, and decorative art.

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The Newark Museum of Art holds the most distinctive collection of Tibetan art in the western hemisphere. Paintings, sculptures, ritual objects, fine textiles, and decorative arts are featured in an array of galleries including the Tibetan Buddhist Altar, consecrated in 1990 by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Planetarium Shows

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This is an immersive experience in Maya science, art, and mythology that transports participants back into the world of the Maya. Learn about the Mayas’ accurate astronomical achievements and how astronomy connected them to the universe.

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Explore the extreme planets of our own solar system and beyond. Discover worlds with oceans of molten rock, where night never falls, and where aurorae perpetually dance across the starry sky.

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They lurk in the universe like cosmic dragons: unseen voids with the energy of a million suns. They can devour entire stars and nothing—not even light—can escape their grasp. Discover their true nature as you experience an intense voyage to a black hole!

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Earth was once home to seven amazing wonders built by extraordinary civilizations in our distant past. Inspired by these mysteries, voyage through time and space to discover the seven ancient wonders of our universe.

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Travel through the temples, tombs, and the skies of an Egypt long past to discover the connection the ancient Egyptians felt to the stars and some of the most spectacular sites of the ancient world.


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The minimum number of people to qualify as a group is 10.

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Yes. Reservations must be made in advance to help facilitate your group’s arrival.

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Only credit card payments in advance can be accepted at this time.

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Time onsite varies depending on the type of experience you book. Guided tours are 45 minutes. Planetarium shows duration is between 35 and 45 minutes, depending on the program.

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All fees are non-refundable. We are happy to reschedule your visit, pending availability, should your group’s plans change.

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