Join us for film premieres and discussion in this Newark celebration of Harriet Tubman.

5:30pm: Reception

7pm: Film Screenings

Black Moses Rising: Making of the Harriet Tubman Monument in Newark (18 min.)
Liberation: Poetry Films Inspired by Harriet Tubman (total 17 min.)

Black Moses Rising showcases the vision and story behind the transformative Harriet Tubman Monument in Newark, featuring “Shadow of a Face”, located in the heart of the new Harriet Tubman Square Park. The film features exclusive behind the scenes visuals highlighting artist/architect Nina Cooke John and her collaborators, the unforgettable unveiling ceremony and powerful insights from key stakeholders. Produced by Igor Alves.

Liberation is a powerful series of short films inspired by the legacy of Harriet Tubman, in celebration of the new Harriet Tubman Monument in Newark. The poetry films feature original poems and performances by renowned poets Bimpé Fageyinbo, Margie “Mia X” Johnson, Kween Moore and Jasmine Mans. Directed by Yuri Alves.

  • “freedom for freedom” written and performed by Bimpé Fageyinbo
  • “Harriet” written and performed by Mia X
  • “Auburn Eyes” written and performed by Kween Moore
  • “Untitled” written and performed by Jasmine Mans

A discussion will follow the screening.

For more on the Harriet Tubman Monument Project:

Presented by The Harriet Tubman Monument Project, funded by The City of Newark, Audible, the Mellon Foundation, the State of New Jersey and individual residents in partnership and collaboration with The Newark City Parks Foundation, Newark Arts, The Newark Museum of Art, the Newark Public Library and DreamPlay Media.

Additional support: The Newark Creative Catalyst Fund, Newark Happening

Location: Billy Johnson Auditorium, Welcome Center

Watch Black Moses Rising Trailer