Enjoy a day of fun activities for the whole family at The Newark Museum of Art.

Timeline of Activities 

10am-5pm | MakerSPACE

(for kids of all ages)
A fun interactive area where kids play, tinker, and create.

12pm & 2pm | Planetarium Show: Legends of the Night Sky: Orion 

(Great for families with kids 6+)
Explore the myths and legends of one of the most visible constellations in our winter night sky – Orion, the Hunter. Greek mythology will never be the same once you’ve seen this fun-filled, animated production.

12-12:45pm | Creative Play: Black History Month

(Great for families with kids ages 3-5)
Walk, talk, and learn about our community! From helpers and neighbors, to families and friends, beauty surrounds us as we grow. The program starts promptly at noon.

1-4pm | Family Drop-In: Carving Soap inspired by William Edmonson

(Great for families with kids ages 5-10)
Honoring the great contributions of artists of color, let’s explore materials that artists have used to create masterpieces.

3pm | Planetarium Show: Experience the Aurora

(Great for families with kids ages 12+)
See nature’s most stunning light show as the winter sky comes to life before your eyes. This immersive show, filmed over the course of seven months in the Arctic Circle, features spectacular views of the northern lights and examines the science behind it.


Don’t leave the Museum without seeing our new family-friendly exhibition Animal Kingdom!

Familiarize yourself with our visiting guidelines before you arrive at the Museum.