Who Killed Cynthia Conner?

The morning after her big art exhibition opening, Cynthia Conner is found dead—ruled as a drug overdose. Many years later, you are invited to attend an exhibition opening of her work to see if something more sinister happened that night. Search the museum, interview suspects, use forensic science, and work with your team to determine whether her death was an accident or something more. Combining the code-cracking elements of an escape room with the deep investigation of a murder mystery, this game is sure to entertain all who play!

  • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
  • Format: This experience will be played on Zoom with a facilitator. Individuals will be grouped into small breakout rooms with a maximum of 3 to 5 people in each.
  • Capacity: Maximum of 50 participants per session
  • Technology: Players will need a computer with Internet access and a smartphone to play this game.
  • Fees & Cancellation Policy: $500 for corporate groups; $250 for non-profit and small businesses groups, $125 for private groups (families and friends). We can only accept credit card payments at this time. Once processed this fee cannot be refunded. However, we can always reschedule your tour for another time.